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Getting Started: 2 Minutes to Aha!
Getting Started: 2 Minutes to Aha!

Learn the basic flow of iDoRecall

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iDoRecall (iDR) is a spaced-repetition flashcard app and a knowledge management system.

While there are many features and benefits of iDR which are unique, there is one fundamental workflow that you need to understand to get to that Aha! Moment where you realize why you would want to employ iDoRecall to help you remember everything that you learn. Forever.

Here is that workflow...

  • Open the file in iDR and start to read, watch, or listen to it.

  • When you come across a concept, fact, or other nugget of knowledge that you want to remember, pause and create a recall (iDR flashcard)

  • When you practice that recall, if you struggle with the answer, click the source link and the source file or video will open at the exact location where you learned that piece of information.

  • Quickly refresh your memory in the context where you learned it and then return to your practice session.

Take 60 seconds to see the basic workflow demonstrated.

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