The LIBRARY section of iDoRecall (iDR) is the lifelong repository of all of your learning materials. Here you can add files and videos. The following file formats and media can be added to your library.

1. Direct upload of files into the iDR library.

  • Word files

  • PowerPoint files

  • PDFs

  • Image files such as .jpeg and .png and more

  • Excel files

  • .txt file

  • COMING SOON! You will be able to add the URL of any webpage and we will add a PDF copy of that page to your library. Stay tuned!

2. Use share URLs to add media to your library. Media will be in your library but hosted on the source 3rd party platform rather than our servers. If you have a video file on your device, while you can't upload it directly to iDR, you can upload it to YouTube, as a private video if you want. Then use the share URL to add it to your iDR library.

  • Videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo

  • Audios hosted on SoundCloud

3. You can also create documents in your iDR library which we call Notes. You can edit each note, anytime you like and you can create recalls linked to facts, concepts, and other pieces of knowledge in a note that you want to remember. Learn more about Notes.

Add content to your iDoRecall library by going to the LIBRARY section of the app

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