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How to Take Your Recalls into Practice
How to Take Your Recalls into Practice
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Watch this video to see the latest about the many ways to take your recalls into practice.

iDoRecall (iDR) is a spaced-repetition flashcard app. This means that iDR has a built-in algorithm that automatically schedules your recalls for practice with the goal of having you practice a recall when you are close to forgetting it. There are many advantages to using spaced repetition. Each day, the algorithm places the recalls that are due and therefore scheduled for that day into the PRACTICE tab.

the PRACTICE tab in iDoRecall

In the example above, the learner has 25 recalls due for practice today. Click the PRACTICE tab to begin a practice session of the due recalls.

What if you want to practice recalls that aren't due today and there have not been scheduled into the practice tab?

iDR has many ways to ad hoc select recalls and "manually" take them into practice.
If you want to know more about how to make sections from the recalls list, watch this video.


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