iDoRecall (iDR) is a spaced-repetition flashcard app. This means that iDR has a built-in algorithm that automatically schedules your recalls for practice with the goal of having you practice a recall when you are close to forgetting it. There are many advantages to using spaced repetition. Each day, the algorithm places the recalls that are due and therefore scheduled for that day into the PRACTICE tab.

the PRACTICE tab in iDoRecall

In the example above, the learner has 25 recalls due for practice today. Click the PRACTICE tab to begin a practice session of the due recalls.

What if you want to practice recalls that aren't due today and there have not been scheduled into the practice tab?

iDR has many ways to ad hoc select recalls and "manually" take them into practice. We demonstrate them in this video.

From the RECALLS section of the app, you can select any number of recalls and take them into practice. You can also search and sort the RECALLS list before you select the recalls that you want to take into practice.

Here is a brief aside on how to make selections from the RECALLS list. The same principles apply when making selections from any list in iDR.

To select individual recalls, simply click the checkboxes that appear as you mouse over individual recalls in the list.

To select a recall from the RECALLS list, click the checkbox seen on mouseover.

To select a contiguous group in the list, click the checkbox in the first recall and shift-click the checkbox in the last of the group.

To select all recalls in the list, click the select all checkbox at the top, beneath the search box.

Here the select all checkbox is checked. When one or more recalls are selected, the sorting tools that reside under the search box are replaced by the bulk action tools (shown in the red box below).

The select all checkbox.

If you have one or more recalls selected, you can, for example, click the Practice selection tool to immediately take those recalls into practice.

Another way to take a desired group of recalls into practice from the RECALLS section of iDR is to click the rocket icon associated with one of the tags in the Tags Panel. Here, on mouseover, you see the rocket icon. If you click it, you will immediately be taken into practice for the 3 recalls that possess the tag mnemonics.

click the rocket icon in the tag show in the Tags Panel to take the recalls with that tag into practice.

There are also a few ways to manually take some recalls into an ad hoc practice from the LIBRARY section of the app.

First, the Tags Panel also exists in the LIBRARY section, and clicking the rocket icon there will take the recalls into practice that possess that tag.

When you open a file, video, or Note, there is a rocket icon located in the header above the viewer which if clicked will take you into practice for any recalls that are linked to that library item.

Here you can see that there are 2 recalls linked to this opened file. If you click the rock icon, you will immediately be taken into practice for those 2 recalls.

click the rocket icon in the header of this opened file to take its 2 linked recalls into practice

closeup of a file header

Lastly, you can select items in the LIBRARY list via the checkboxes just as described for making selections in the RECALLS list. When you have one or more files selected, you can click the Practice tool that will appear under the search box.

The bulk action tools appear after you make a selection in the list.

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