Your profile is the section of the app where you can manage some account settings, see your performance stats, and a whole lot more. The easiest way to get to your profile is to click the avatar at the top of the page in the header.

Click the avatar on the header to go to profile.

Alternatively, you can choose PROFILE from the hamburger menu.

Choose PROFILE from the hamburger menu.

The profile section of the app is arranged in series of subsections.

The subsections within your Profile.

Let's take it from the top where you can click to update your avatar. Your name will be present if you used it on registration. and now the subsections...


Here you can change your name, email, and password. You can adjust to your local time if the setting we are reading from your browser is incorrect. This time is used for certain time-sensitive actions that are carried out by the app such as scheduling into the PRACTICE tab today's due recalls.


Users typically start out with a free account but may eventually want to upgrade and get the benefits of a paid subscription. Go to this section to subscribe,

You can earn bonus days to extend your subscription, and if you are still a free user, you can accumulate bonus days and use them if you eventually subscribe. Accounting of your payments and bonus days earnings can be seen in this part of your profile.


On the far right panel of this section, you can set your preferences for receiving daily reminder emails and browser notifications. By default, these are turned off.

Notifications preferences.

The daily reminder emails will tell you how many recalls are in your PRACTICE tab for the day as scheduled by the spaced-repetition algorithm. With a click from the email, a new tab will open in your browser in practice mode for those recalls. The mail also lists all of your library items that are coming due for completion based upon the due date set when your uploaded them or later reset. Consider this a little project-management nudge.

The center panel of this section is a work-in-progress and not yet completed. So, you won't yet see notifications of activities associated with your groups.

Your progress

Here is the place to check out your overall progress. We offer several charts plus a collection of interesting factoids about your activities in the app.

A sample of the


This subsection of the profile continues to evolve. Currently, you can change the language of the UI with the only current choices being English and Russian.

We offer a useful section here, Practice settings.

The Practice setting portion of the settings page.

The top section allows you to control on a global basis whether or not any audio that you recorded in association with the Q and A fields of your recalls will or won't autoplay during practice. By default, you can set the autoplay status of your individual audios but here you can establish a global setting.

The lower portion of the Practice settings is super useful.

Many of us don't live up to the ideal of doing our recalls every day. By this, I mean doing the practice sessions for all of the due recalls in the PRACTICE tab every day. We take days off, go on vacations, oversleep, have sick days, and burn out. Here you can set a throttling mechanism to protect you from having to face a huge backlog when you've missed too many practice days. The upper select control allows you to set a max for the number of recalls you will allow to be put into your PRACTICE tab on any given day. The bottom control sets how the excess recalls will be distributed over the subsequent days.

Lower down is a control to trigger the download of a CSV of all of your recalls. You can use this file to import your recalls into other apps that will permit the importation of flashcards.

If you have a subscription that lapses, you will automatically revert to the free version of iDoRecall. The free version has certain limits in various quantities. If you exceed those limits, you can still see and practice your recalls. You can't create new recalls or add new files unless you delete some content that is contributing to you exceeding the limits or unless you re-subscribe.

There is a link at the bottom of the green subsection panel on the left that you can click to delete your account.

Warning: Make sure that you cancel autorenewal in the Subscription subsection of the profile if you have an active subscription before you delete your account.

After you delete your account, we will begin the process of removing all of your data from our servers, Typically it takes thirty days to complete this process.

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