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The Metacognition Widget
The Metacognition Widget

Metacognition is the secret weapon of elite learners everywhere.

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iDoRecall (iDR) has a metacognition widget available throughout the app that can be used as training wheels to get you on the road to developing your metacognitive skills. Metacognition is definitely a skill that can be learned and developed.

What is metacognition?

If you Google it, you'll get answers such as "thinking about your thinking" or "awareness and understanding of one's own thought processes". But a fuller definition includes a higher level of cognition, where you use your thinking about your thinking to recognize your knowledge gaps and deficiencies, and then you plan how to remedy them.

We've written several times about metacognition. This particular article may be most helpful.

How does the metacognition widget work?

A launcher for the widget is seen in several locations in iDR. It looks like this.

You will find it in the file viewer toolbar, on the narrow left sidebar. when you open a file in the library. Click the launcher icon to see the widget.

The widget poses a question for you to think about as you engage with your content. If the question doesn't seem relevant, you can easily click to see a different question.

You can vote if you like or dislike a question and we'll show it to you more or less frequently in the future.

The metacognition widget is included at the bottom of the recall creation
and edit forms.

The metacognition widget seen in the recall creation and edit forms.

If you find this widget helpful, please let us know in chat support. We've been considering adding the ability for you to edit/delete existing metacognition questions and enable you to add your own.

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