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How to Work With Web Pages and Media
How to Work With Web Pages and Media

You can add web pages (coming soon) and media from YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud to your LIBRARY

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Besides uploading files and creating Notes in the LIBRARY, you can add web pages and media that are hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud. To add any of these items, paste the webpage URL or the YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud share URL into this field.

Paste the URL.

If you add a web page (coming soon), an ad-free, clean copy PDF of that web page will be placed in your library. If you add media from YouTube or Vimeo, Those items will be added to the library but will remain hosted on the source platforms. If the host platform takes down that content, you will lose access to it.
Web page PDFs can be managed like any other PDFs, including creating linked recalls.

Remember that you can also add web pages by using the iDoRecall Webclipper browser extension. Watch this demo.

You can watch videos and listen to audios in iDR and create recalls linked to specific time codes where you learned some information that you want to remember.

When you click a video or audio file in your recalls list, that item will open in the iDR media viewer.

Media viewer.


closeup of media viewer controls.

The red box identifies the CREATE NEW RECALL button which if clicked at this moment, will open the create recall form. That recall will be linked to 33:01 in the video. There is already one linked recall for this video, shown inside a green box that is linked to 11:28. Additional linked recalls will stack under this first recall.
You can click to edit any linked recall. The edit form will open and the video will start playing at the linked timecode. When you are finished editing, click Continue watching at... (shown inside the blue box) to move the player to your last time location.

When you practice a recall linked to a video or audio, if you struggle with the answer and want to check the source link, the media viewer will open at the linked timecode.

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