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Notes, The Way to Create Editable Content in Your iDR Library
Notes, The Way to Create Editable Content in Your iDR Library

With Notes, you can take class notes, edit them anytime and create linked recalls

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You can create a Note right inside the iDoRecall (iDR) LIBRARY. The advantage of adding a Note rather than uploading a file is that a Note can be opened and edited at any time. This is in contrast to uploaded files which are not editable.

To add a new Note to your LIBRARY, click CREATE A NOTE.


You can create recalls linked to regions of interest in your Notes by using the Highlight and Marquee Tools.

The piin and highlight tools.

Here is the complete toolbar for Notes.

The Notes toolbar.

The tools include the ability to add images and insert LaTeX formulas.

Shortly after the Note is created, a name for the Note will be generated using your first few typed words or otherwise, the name will start out as Untitled Note as the name will be displayed in the LIBRARY list. You edit the Note by clicking the three vertical dots in the Note's header to open its metadata form.

Click the three vertical dots to edit the Note's title in the metadata form.

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