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The Tags Panel

The Tags Panel is present to left in the LIBRARY and RECALLS sections on desktop browsers

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Watch this video for the latest update about the Tags Panel.

On Desktops, the Tags Panel is present to the left in both the RECALLS and LIBRARY sections of the app.

Let's review how it appears in the RECALLS section and then later we'll discuss the difference of the Tags Panel when it is viewed in the LIBRARY.

The tags panel in the RECALLS section

The Tags PAnel in the RECALLS section.

Starting at the top we see that this user has 10 total recalls.

The header of this tags panel has three sorting tools which sort the tags, both in ascending and descending directions:

  1. A-Z sorting by Q field text

  2. Frequency, which means how many recalls possess each individual tag. The how to learn tag seen in this example has been used on 3 recalls. Note: the frequency number reflects the number of recalls that possess that tag. You can see here that the tag PDF isn't being used on any recalls. There are two possibilities why it doesn't have a frequency number here. 1) It was previously used on a single recall and subsequently, this tag was removed from that recall. 2) It is being used on one or more library items, but not on any recalls.

  3. Rating, which is the calculated average star rating that the user has issued for all the practices of recalls that possess that particular tag. This sorting is useful for bringing to the top the tags associated with a set of recalls that you are performing worst on. You may want to occasionally take these poorly performing tagged recalls in for an extra practice session.

In this example, we are mousing over the tag "how to learn" with the cursor in the region where the average star rating is revealed. We can see that for all of the user's practices of the recalls that possess this tag, s/he has issued an average star rating of 4.22. In this particular case, we can see that 3 recalls possess this tag and if we click the rocket icon, we can take those three recalls immediately into practice.

Closeup of the Tags Panel.

Note also in the image above:

  1. There is an X at the far left of the how to learn tag. Click the X to delete the use of the tag and remove it from the panel and from all recalls and library items that possess it. A confirmation dialog will appear before removal occurs.

  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the tag. Awesome if you have a typo that you want to correct. The edit will be propagated to wherever it is being used in recalls and the library.

HOT TIP You can drag and drop a recall or a selected group of recalls from the recalls list and drop them onto a tag. The tag will be applied to all of the recalls.

If you click a tag in the panel, it will be thrown into the search box and the recalls list will be filtered for the recalls that possess that tag.

Below the last of your tags in the panel are a few extra items.

The bottom of the tags panel.

First is Untagged recalls. Here we can see that the user has 1 recall that doesn't have any tags. Click here to filter the recalls list and reveal all the recalls that are tagless. Next, you can click to + Add a new tag to the list. This is handy if you want to add a new tag to the panel and then drag and drop some recalls from the recalls list to apply the new tag to them.

If you click the Snoozed recalls archive, all of your snoozed recalls will be filtered into the recalls list. You can open and inspect any of them. You can select one or more of them and use the Snooze bulk actions tool under the search box to open the snooze panel. There you can click Remove to remove the snoozing,

DEmonstration of how to remove snoozing.

Now we will look at the Tags Panel in the LIBRARY section and focus on what differs from the panel in the RECALLS section

The Tags Panel in the LiBRARY

Notice how the exact same list of tags is seen as was displayed in the RECALLS section. But, the frequency counts of the individual tags have changed because the frequency numbers now reflect the number of library items that have that tag. Where the how to learn tag had a frequency of 3 recalls possessing it in the RECALLS Tags Panel, here in the LIBRARY, we see that no library items have this tag,

You also can see that 5 library items are untagged.

Lastly, the archive at the bottom of the Tags Panel here in the LIBRARY, shows the number of library items that have been marked as processed–> Processed items (If there are any files that are marked as processed). Clicking that icon will open the processed files in the library list. You can, if you wish, select one or more of them to use the bulk action to revert them to unprocessed.

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