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The Pomodoro Timer

iDR has a Pomodoro timer built into the LIBRARY

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The Pomodoro® Technique is a widely used tool for managing time to improve your productivity. It was developed by Francesco Cirillo more than 30 years ago. If you haven't heard of it, here's a nice introduction from the inventor himself.

The way the timer is set up in iDoRecall (iDR) is that it has been designed to track a Pomodoro session only while you are in your LIBRARY. The reasoning behind this is that the fundamental work session in iDR is the activity of consuming your content and creating linked recalls, so that you can mark those files as processed. It makes less sense to credit work time to other activities, like practicing memory retrieval. If we counted practice time, you might be tempted to practice faster rather than practice better. We pause the timer during a Pomodoro session if you move to other sections of iDR or switch to another tab in your browser. When you return to the LIBRARY, the timer continues where you left off.

The timer is only seen in the LIBRARY and is in the left sidebar on desktop browsers.

The Pomodoro timer in the left sidebar.

By default, the timer is set to 25 minutes, the classic length of time for one Pomodoro.

If you mouse over the timer, it changes to this...

The appearance of the timer on mouseover.

The length of time for the session is shown to be 25 minutes, but if you click the little triangle, you can select a different time interval.

Click the triangle to select a different time.

Click the timer to start it and the time number will begin a slow pulsing and the minutes of work will be illustrated on the outer circle.

Click the timer to start it.

Click the timer again, anytime that you need to pause or restart it.

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