The current version of the iDoRecall desktop app is 1.2.1. You can check your version by opening the app and going to the menu iDoRecall>About IDR. If you have not received an auto-update popup you can always update your app manually.

Generally, the easiest way to manually update the app is to quit and restart it. The download of the new version should begin in the background. You can watch the progress by going to the menu iDoRecall>About IDR. After the download is completed you have to quit and restart again.

Alternatively, to update your copy of the desktop app manually, watch this video or follow these instructions:

  1. Quit the app.

  2. Remove/uninstall the app from your PC (Windows 10) or Mac.

  3. Download a new version of the app by clicking Get desktop app at the right side of the header seen when you are logged in iDR in the browser.

The iDR desktop app is available for Windows and Mac. We don't offer a Linux version at this time.

To download the app for the first time to your PC or Mac, click Get desktop app, in the header of iDoRecall when logged into the browser version.

Get desktop app.

Depending upon your connection speed it can take several minutes to download the app.

If you already have the app, periodically it will be updated. A popup will appear in the app when a new version is available. Click the link in the popup to proceed with the download and installation of the update. The current version will always be listed on this page. You can check your version by clicking About iDoRecall under the iDoRecall menu of the app.

All about syncing

When you use the app, as you change the data of your account through the app such as when you create new recalls, add new library items, and practice, the state of the app will be updated every few minutes to the cloud. This syncing will occur automatically and in the background.

Sync with server.

You probably will only very infrequently need to click the Sync with server button. The only time that you will want to click it will be when you have done some more recent work in the browser version of iDoRecall and want to update the native app about those changes which exist only in the cloud. For example, perhaps you use the native on your computer as the primary way to interact with iDoRecall. But maybe there are times when you log on to iDR from the web browser on your phone to practice recalls when on the run. If that is the case, the next time that you use the desktop version, you should begin the session by clicking Sync with server so that that practice session can be accounted for in the app. Be aware that this syncing process overwrites all of your local iDR data with the version of your data known by the cloud.

The desktop app automatically updates the cloud in the background so long as there is an adequate Internet connection. But the cloud never automatically updates the app. You must click Sync with server if you want the desktop app to assume the state of your account in the cloud.

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