iDoRecall now offers the equivalent of cloze deletion and image occlusion type flashcards with the release of Redaction Mode.

With Redaction Mode, you can take a string of text OR an image and create recalls where you obscure portions of the text or image (such as image labels). During practice, you challenge yourself to recall what is hidden by each redaction. Click redaction mode at the red arrow to proceed.

After you have some text or an image in the Q field, click Redaction mode to proceed.

redaction mode control

Here the user clicked to invoke redaction mode with an image in the Q field. The image was placed into the redaction composer. Note that you have to enter a title for the redaction recalls. The title will be displayed in your RECALLS list for these recalls.

The primary action to perform in the composer is to drag redaction rectangles over labels or text strings that you want to redact and challenge yourself to recall. Each redaction rectangle is numbered. You can click on a rectangle to move or resize it. You can merge rectangles so that they are redacted and uncovered in tandem during practice. Notice that there are two rectangles in this example and if you save, you will be creating two unique recalls which will have their own spaced repetition practice schedule.

You can also opt for Progressive mode by clicking the checkbox. In progressive mode, a single recall will be created. During the practice of this recall, you will trigger successive unmasking of each redaction as you attempt to recall each answer.

Here a text string was taken into redaction mode and three words have been redacted. Since it is not set to progressive mode, three recalls will be created if saved at this point.


Redaction Mode can only be invoked if there is a text string OR an image in the Q or A field. If you have both text and an image in the field, then you won't be able to proceed to redaction mode. You can successfully proceed into redaction mode:

  • If you have text or an image in the Question field and nothing in the Answer field

  • If you have text or an image in the Answer field and nothing in the Question field

If you have only text or an image in the Question field and any content in the Answer field, the Q field content will be taken into redaction mode.

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