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The iDoRecall Webclipper Browser Extension
The iDoRecall Webclipper Browser Extension

Create linked recalls to everyone you learn on the web.

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You can upload many file types into your iDoRecall library. Then consume your content in the app and create linked recalls. But what about all the learning you can do on the web and in web applications? This is where the iDoRecall webclipper browser extension comes in.

With the webclipper, you can highlight text and snap screenshots of regions of interest on most public-facing web pages.

The selected text or screenshot will be pasted into the answer field of the recall. When you practice memory retrieval, if you click the source button, the linked web page will open in a new browser tab and scroll the highlighted text or region of interest.

The webclipper also works with online videos hosted on YouTube, Coursera, Udemy, and other sites.

You can create recalls linked to the time in the video where you learned the subject of the recall. When you click the source button, the video will open in a new browser tab and play at the linked time code.

You can use the webclipper with your Notion notes.

When you attempt to use it for the first time on a Notion page, you will be taken through an authorization process for one of your Notion spaces and the pages in that space.

Known issues with the webclipper

  1. Sometimes the latest version may take a bit of time to propagate to your browser. Removing and re-adding it or restarting your browser can get you the latest version immediately.

  2. You should pin the webclipper to your browser's toolbar. By clicking the puzzle piece and clicking the pin next to the iDoRecall webclipper.

  3. If the webclipper icon on the toolbar is ever unresponsive to your clicks to activate or deactivate it on a page, refreshing that page should solve the problem.

Known Issues with the webclipper and Notion

  1. Currently, we suggest that you authorize a single workspace. When you authorize more than one space, you must reauthorize the webclipper whenever you switch spaces.

  2. It's best to use only one Notion account with the webclipper because, at least for the current version of the webclipper, you will have to re-auth if you change to a different account.

  3. Currently, you can select text on Notion pages, but you can't link to images or embedded files.

  4. There are certain other block types we can't link to, and we'll show this message in those cases.

    warning that we can't link to this block

  5. If you share your recalls that are linked to Notion pages with an iDoRecall group, the source link won’t work for other users because we have no way of knowing if the user has permission to see that page.

  6. When you initially authorize the webclipper, you can only authorize existing Notion pages. When you add new pages, you have to add iDoRecall as a connection to that page.

    how to add iDoRecall as a connection to a new Notion page.

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