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Common Questions: Answers or Where to Find More Answers
Common Questions: Answers or Where to Find More Answers

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  1. Does iDoRecall (iDR) have a native mobile app?
    No. iDR is not yet available as a native mobile app. iDR works in the browser on your phone and other mobile devices. Read more about the phone experience.

  2. How do I get started using iDR?
    Get started here. If you want to watch a thorough demo video, watch this.

  3. Where can I get help if I don't understand how to use iDR?
    Click the big question mark in the sidebar. This will open the Learn iDR page in a new browser tab. On this page, you'll find links to interactive product tours, featured videos, our new product announcements, links to our writings, and our YouTube channel. You will also see our chat widget where you can get support from a human, 10/7/365.

  4. What is the difference between iDR and Anki?
    Anki is a great solution. Period. iDoRecall is a holistic solution for leveraging cognitive science-proven strategies to maximize success in learning. While Anki wonderfully addresses spaced-repetition memory retrieval practice, iDR goes several steps beyond.

    First, iDR enables you to create a library that contains your learning files (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, images, and more) and videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo. You can also add entire web pages, highlights from web pages, and screen grabs from web pages, You can sync your Kindle highlights to your library and then create recalls (flashcards) linked to those highlights. Those recalls have source links that will open the Kindle desktop app.

    You consume your learning content in iDR. When you come across a concept, fact, term, or formula that you want to remember, create an iDR spaced repetition flashcard linked to that nugget of knowledge. When you do your memory retrieval practice, if you struggle with the answer, you are one click away from seeing the exact location in your learning materials so that you can quickly refresh your memory in the original context where you learned it. Only iDR integrates your learning materials with your spaced-repetition flashcards.

    iDR, unlike Anki, has a social hub where teachers can create classes and students can create study groups to collaborate on a subject exchanging flashcards and learning materials such as course materials and class notes.

    iDR also has tools to train users in the art of metacognition, the skill exercised but elite learners everywhere.

  5. Can I export or download my recalls (iDR's flashcards)?
    You can export your recalls by going to in the app. Look for the link at the bottom of the page. A CSV file will be downloaded to your device. You can use this file to import your recalls to other apps such as Quizlet.

  6. Can I export or download my library files?
    No. Please keep a copy of the files that upload to iDR.

  7. Some days there are too many recalls for me to practice. How can I protect myself from being overwhelmed?
    We all fall behind. If you miss some days or weeks, you may come back to a large backload of recalls in your PRACTICE tab. That's why we created a throttling mechanism. Go to your settings page to set a limit of the maximum number of recalls that will be placed into the PRACTICE tab on any given day. Read more.

  8. What about cloze deletion questions?
    Solved. Check out our Redaction Recalls.

  9. What about image occlusion questions?
    Solved. Check out our Redaction Recalls.

  10. How do I add web pages to my LIBRARY?
    You can easily add web pages to your LIBRARY. You can also add web pages to your library using the iDoRecall Webclipper browser extension. Watch this demo.

    Alternatively, you can simply click the CREATE NEW RECALL button in the RECALLS section of the app and create a recall not linked to an item in your library. Paste the URL of the relevant webpage into the source link of that recall. During practice, if you struggle with the answer, click the source link and that webpage will open in a new browser page.

  11. What about using your Kindle highlights with iDR?
    Solved! Watch this demo.

  12. What if I see a bug or have a feature request?
    Pleeeeeeese reach out to David in chat support or write to him at [email protected]. Screenshots and demo videos are really helpful when reporting a bug. If you don't have a screen recording app, such as QuickTime, the free version of is easy to use.

  13. What do I do if some very unexpected behavior is happening such as the UI has gotten weird looking or I can't log in?
    See if things are normal if you log in from a different browser or another device such as your phone. Sometimes clearing the data and cookies for iDR does the trick. First, log out of iDR.

    In Chrome, you can clear your cache by going to chrome://settings/siteData and searching for Then clear your cookies and data for iDoRecall. Then log back into iDR. Here are the instructions for Firefox, Safari, and Edge (Chromium).

  14. How can I use iDR with Right To Left languages such as Arabic or Hebrew?
    iDR detects your language setting in your browser will automatically switch to RTL if appropriate. In addition, you can override this setting within individual Q and A fields of recall forms, and in Notes, by clicking the right or left tools in the toolbar.

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